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Boy and dog  with Reference Picture sent to me
   Poodle love -
comedian & friend
                        Pet friends  
    Comedian with her animal buddies
Finnegan on a bowl
   The sculpted figures on this page
                           are samples

            Your figurine would be YOU
         from your reference pictures  
 Clay,glue.wood.paint,lusters,everything: Made in USA
  Cloe's dressed-up Treat Bowl
  "rough" figure for Baby on dog
    Siamese Cats  treat bowl
 Ballerina & Beagle
 I made this after Snuffy died in 2006.
         He was my 
     dearest friend
 Roger's Cats
 Mutt's little treat bowl
      Grandma's dog
   Hiding under Blanket bowl
        Woman & beagle  Lowest megapixel possible-  about 2000
        dog Barney
   Black Lab 8.5" figurine
   O!     A bunch of cute poodles
  Pink woman and Poodle                             on  bench  
   Man and black Lab
    on "stone" bench
  Woman with her beloved
          pit bull mix dog
 Woman with two of her
              pet dogs
         Rescue  dogs
           Kitty greeting Roger's horse
  This young lady collects Borzoie dog figurines (left).  She wanted me to make a figurine of her and her dog that looked like her vintage figurine (right)
    Amanda with her cats
       Man and Migsy
    This gentleman does not have monkeys as pets.  He believes that monkeys should live in the wild- as Nature intended- and backs that.
  This young man and his cat- friends