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       Kathy Redmond

    Please refer also to
    With clear reference photos,
  Any Man, Woman, Child, Baby
       or Pet can be made in
   Figurine (small sculpture) form
      Historical Figures....Reinactors
​Civil War, Revolutionary War, Medieval reinactors can
be sculpted in their uniforms, costumes- the face,
hair, clothing will be copied from your photos...standing
sitting, or on a horse.  Historical persons can be done
also.  Horse figures: approx. 12" L x 13" H.
Roger as Celt Warrior
Sample reference photos below:
Clay,glue,wood,paint,lusters, kiln,Clay-worker, mailing boxes, Shipping service:
      Everything about these items:  Made in USA

       Here is how to order a portrait bowl, figurine, horse of pet portrait figure:

     1.      You decide what you would like to have made (bowl, figurine etc.) of you, a relative / friend.

     2.     Take reference photos of the person who will be on the bowl/ figurine/ board piece.  

           There are reference photos below -   samples  to get an accurate likeness.  They should be "straight" faced- not  smiling
                  and as clear as you can  get the photo .        I need to see what the person looks like.
                  You send these pictures to me via my email:

      3.    Let me know what you want done- bowl, figurine, person with pet etc.  
                  Let me know what colors you prefer, clothing (should be in the reference photos), jewelry (pictured in 
                  reference photos
                  If there are any addition, like toys or family crests- let me know that too.

      4.      I email you with any additional questions that I have regarding what you wish to have in / on the piece.   
                             You can ask any questions.

       5.    A non-refundable deposit 25% (of the piece's price) is sent via:

       6.    The work is underway.  You will receive a photo of the sculpted, unfired piece (before the porcelain firing) 
                  for your  "go ahead" to continue with firing.  Keep in mind that the work is done but for firing, glazing
                  and china painting.

        7.    If accepted, I finish the piece (high porcelain firing, glaze firing, china firing, metals & pearl firing)
                  You get an email from me letting you know when  the piece is being sent

    Viking Portrait bowl

       Being a fan of the Viking television  series, this young man wanted his likeness
to be done as a Viking on his bowl.  A Viking shield is on the back.  He is dressed in Viking style armor.

             Exotic shawl  Bowl


           This young lady loves shawls-
    especially those with bright, vivid
    colors-  yellow preferred. 

            Her favorite flowers are lillies and
     orchids.  So, I put orchids and lillies
     on the front of the 5" diameter bowl
     and carved - wrapped an ornate
      pastel-bright yellow & peach shawl
      around her head and over her 

            The jewelry is seen in the earrings
      and the bracelets.
Reference photos
   Viking  Bowl

       Reference Photos
    Exotic shawl Bowl

    This little cat named
   Sweety is the adored by
    her human who wanted
    a little bowl for her treats.

     The owner's favoritecolor
    is blue.

      Of course Sweety had 
    to wear a superhero cape
    that indicates her status
    in the household.

    Reference photo pictured

                  Everybody rides the Unicorn

            Three kids and one baby (wasn't yet born
         when I did this piece) are riding a unicorn on
         an adventure through the green hills of 
          Pennsylvania (a booklet was also done to go
          with this piece).

            The reference photos for the kids are
         pictured below the unicorn figurine.  I took
         these.  So, I could make a sheet with all of
         the reference photos on it.

            You do not have to make a sheet.  Just
         send me (via email) the needed photos:

             clear head shot - front (several are fine)

             head shot left profile
              head shot right profile

             head shot left cheek (3/4 view)
             head shot right cheek (3/4 view)

       More photos are better - then I can choose them

            Anybody can be anything  -any historical period, any costume--- so long as I have clear reference photos of the head  and of any clothing etc. wanted.  I can research any era also (see the Roman cavalry rider in the Horse Gallery) and do that  for you.  You say:  "I'd like to be a Scottish laird".  I say- sure.  Do you wish to send the costume pictures or do you want me to research the costume?  Then---do you want to be on a bowl?   -a figurine?     Bowls (like the Viking) are always a good choice- can get a crest on the bowl.

 Re-enactor.  as a Continental Cavalry soldier
​ PHOTOS needed: Face views: Front, profile, 3/4 cheek view

   Clothing: whatever is to be sculpted onto the
  figure -from any era, any style., shoes.
  Hairstyle: whatever is desired

   Pets: good, clear shots of the pet from the
  front, 3/4 view and profile- like the human.

   Added items....toy, book, picture, pet toy etc.,
  jewelry, barrette, bows., hat....

  I cannot copy-sculpt what I cannot see,  

  so give clear,good photos; 
  tell me the color of something if the

  photo doesn't show that well.
 Using your reference photos
            portrait BRIDES
  can be sculpted, approx" 11" H
 All of the items on this page are SAMPLES.  They show what has been done and give an idea of what can be done.

      You may contact me with any questions about ordering a piece (what can be done (clothing, hair,    item to add, size etc.)  Should you commission a work, you would send required reference photos  
   ( please see Commissions-Ordering page) , and we would discuss what you would like.  I would start the 
    piece in clay and send pictures of the work before it fires in the kiln.  
       A deposit of $95.00 dollars is paid (the Paypal deposit button below)  after the order is taken
                                                               and is nonrefundable .

      Prices after deposit
                                                                                                         Porcelain Portrait Bowl:            $ 295.00
    11" (adult) standing figure:           195.00
     Portrait child or baby:                   265.00
     Portrait Pet figurine:                     195.00
     Portrait Person and Pet:              295.00

     Board Piece:  determined by what
                               is required

      Horse with rider figure:           $ 935.00
       Dragon with rider:                         965.00
        Pieces with multiple humans and/or
           pets would be 50% added price 
                   for each added figure 
          Example:  One child or baby is $ 395.00
                       Added child in the figurine:  $ 197.00 extra
  Portrait Bowl                                                                  $ 495.00...........................
                 after deposit
  Standing 11" figure                                                      $ 395.00...........................
                  after deposit
  Pet portrait
                        $ 295.00............................
                  after deposit
 Person with Pet figure
                       $ 395.00.............................
                 after deposit
 Portrait bust 10/11" H
                         $ 395.00............................
                  after deposit
    Board piece (portrait), 
                             various sizes
                          $ 935.00.00.........................
                   after deposit
     Person(s), pets on horse
                           base: 5" W x 10" L
                           $ 935.00.00
                    after deposit
 Person(s), pets Dragon (any color)
                      base: 5" W x 10" L
                      $ 965.00.................
               after deposit
      Note:  Anyone can "Ride the Dragon" or Ride the Unicorn- or multiple people, or one or more pets.  You can ask for anything to be included.  The Dragon color can be almost any color (green the usual).  Flowers, shields, various costumes- that is up to you and if it's possible to do that.
Items below are SAMPLES.
Your piece would be the person
 or pet that you choose
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      Portrait Baby or Child Figurine

                      base: 4/5" diameter

                           $ 265.00
                    after deposit
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 The bowl would include any person you order
the figure would be any likeness you order
the pet would be your pet
 you would order your person & pet
​ the bust would be of any person that you want to order
 You would order anyone you want to be a board figure
  Any bridgroom can ride whatever horse you choose
Any person  or personsyou choose can ride the dragon
Your baby of choice would be done to order
  These prices are for after December, 2021