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Bride, prom, party gowns
Using your reference photos, any bride or anyone in the Wedding Party can be a small sculpture 
   8" portrait bride small sculpture
       and reference photo sent via mail.
Redmond Dolls did many brides dolls 1980s-2000
​   My cat Snuff inspecting the bridal party
The horse base is 12" long-------14" high (including the base).  The gold is 23 karat fired gold.  This is a portrait likeness.
   Below:    Samples to give an idea of what can be ordered
  8" figurine
    Portrait bridal couple   8-9" high
               Porcelain,  23 karat gold
    Bridal  Vase  
  8" - 12"  Bride portrait figurine above
  8" bride figurine
  Woman in gown portrait figurine   -Prom gowns welcome
  Portrait 8" bridal figurine
        very low 1 megapixel
 Samples of bridal party & gowned figures
 Clay, glue, wood, paint, glaze, lusters  Made in USA
 This English princess was admired and loved