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          Portrait Bowls  with any human or animal modeled onto the bowl
                   Send your pictures of a man, woman, child, baby or pet and it can be carved onto (holding) a porcelain bowl
    These bowls are all portrait bowls.  The diameter of the bowl base is 3"; the diameter of the bowl top is 5".  They are all made of porcelain, and the molding -carving work is hand-done.  The figure and the bowl are really one piece.
    Any color or design can be used on the bowl and on the human or animal figure.  Any logo, crest, design, flowers, ribbons etc. can be carved onto either the figure or the bowl.  You can request any color for the bowl- inside & out and any design can be put into the bowl itself.
    These are one-of-a-kind pieces that are perfect for Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, mother's day, father's day and special events.
Daisies and orchids and the head scarf were requested; the earrings were like those she wore.
  She is using this bowl to hold her favorite earrings
This one was all my design idea -flowers included
I wanted a "Spring" pastel effect to match her green eyes and auburn hair
         Her only request was "make it pink" -so it is
This young lady has a family history that dates from the Celts, so I made her in that era hood, and her family crest was sculpted & painted on the front.
He wanted to be sculpted as a Viking, and I was happy to do that. -Note the shield on the back and the armor.
        These items are all hand done by a human (me) sitting at a table, looking at clear photos of someone and sculpting the likeness into a piece of porcelain.  This is hand-crafted- no 3D imaging or shortcuts. 
    I wear very big magnifying glasses, and it takes a long time to do a bowl.  Because they are hand sculpted, they are heavy for their size and quite thick.
    With care (don't drop them- they do break), they can be held in someone's hand 2,000 years from  from today- just like the ceramic items found from ancient Greek sites.
I just had to give "Sweety" a super hero cape.  Her owner loves her and the color blue.  The light on the sculpture is reflecting the light making it look lighter.
    I am always happy to do historical pieces.  You can also have a relative or pet who has passed if I can see the picture but, in the case of people- this can sometimes be impossible due to unclear reference pictures.
Thisis the first child on a bowl  The roses on the bowl front are he great grandmotherTheresa's favorite rose color.  She likes turquoise too.
   BEASTIE BOWLS  (not just humans)

   Have your pet be part of Redmond Porcelain's
                    Beastie Bowl series.  

          These are one-of-a-kind 5" diameter bowls featuring a porcelain hand-modeled figure of your cat, dog (or whatever) sculpted onto the bowl itself

.  The pet's name is sculpted on the bowl's front.            If the pet desires.  Like Sweety, he/she                              can be a a superhero too! 

   Sunflowers were requested  and a vivid blue  (Van Gogh?)
      This young lady likes gold and black.  Unfortunately, I did not know this till after the vase was made- right colors next time.
   This sublect likes teal blue or blue/green; the color matches her eyes.  No other preferences- so I did flowers.

    Blue and silver were the color choices here.  The "silver" is actually white platinum.., 
   Is 2017 the year for BLUE?
.  The design is very ornate with faux "pearls" and 23 karat gold.
There are many more to come!
  Her grandmother's wedding bouquet included daisies.  She liked turquoise too, and the jewelry copied from her own.
 The modeling in the bowl is done with a brush and a carving tool.  The 23 carat yellow gold is the last thing applied and fired.
          Bowl samples
      to give an idea
   of what can be ordered
   Like so many others, this lovely lady loved pink.
 the colors on the figurines (hair most) reflect light  and photograph a lighter color
   Royal purple was preferred here, and it suited her perfectly.  She also liked polka dots- thus the raised gold "dots" on her blouse and in the vase drapes.
             VASES were made in limited numbers
                     Some samples are below
         Vase samples are below                         the bowl samples