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Board Pieces and   continues - Works in progress
 The "Mermaid Board" above is carved porcelain mortared to a wooden base.  it is approximately 12" x 15".
 The Angel Board, 8" w x 18" h,  is a portrait piece.  The person who posed for the angel prefers to remain anonymous.  Anyone could be an angel or anyone could be dressed in whatever outfit and made into a board piece.
 The above is a portrait. the face, dress etc. is taken from a reference photo.  It is carved porcelain, and the background is opalescent mosaic.  Brides, women in formals or lingerie would be good models.
     The above piece, 24" x 24"',  is, again, a combination of carved porcelain and paint.  I leave it to the viewer to determine what the theme is here.
   The "Joan of Arc" board is 8" x 18".  The painted background represents her army.  I love the medieval era, and this was a chance to do armour.  Anyone in armour can be done thusly.   Any medieval rein-actors in any armour or costume can be one.  I can also do figures or medieval persons (rein-actors or historical) on horses...see medieval and horse pages.
       The "Escape" board.  Make of this whatever you will.  I can say that the
woman in black does not have a happy face.
             I really wanted to make my father (painted-background) as a Knight in shining armour.  In truth, he saved me from a lot of Dragons.
   The lovely lady (carved) is his sister Patricia Redmond.

​  When Roger's class took part in a school race, each class wore their own colors.  His class was yellow-blue-white. So, it was fun to paint this board with Roger (carved)  leading his class-mates in their run.  He forgot his shoes that day and did get shoes to wear later.  This rendition of the board is not completed (detail) yet.  Children's boards are fun -especially if the kids choose their themes ie- "I want to ride a dragon" etc.
   These pieces are samples.....anyone- almost any theme can be done in a board piece.  Many more were done over the years.
    Have Idea - Will do

                  Mother love as a force in the universe?   A light and warmth in the darkness of space?
This "board" piece involves oil painting with carved porcelain.  I can make any woman as the mother. 16x20"
   Portrait board left:  The jeans, boots, hair, likeness are all taken from he person herself.  She likes leopard print, so I gave her a leopard print cape.  The "chain mail" metallic top was my idea because I wanted silver.  The jewelry was at her suggestion.  The background with multi-colored "mosaic design is one that I like to use behind the portraits. Of course, the background could be a painting also (dragon board, angel board).  She likes black, so there is an emphasis on black here also.  I do listen to input and ideas.  
     I am not a machine or a computer, therefore the likeness is "you through me".  My perception of you, my eyesight, feelings etc. play a role here.  This is why these things are art.  The likeness is probably closer than Picasso's or Van Gogh's portraits.  I try to make  you look as lovely as you are, but it is the HAND AND EYE OF A HUMAN doing this.ART.  The strengths and weaknesses of a human are at play here. 
The board above is part of the Mother-Baby series- see Baby page for sculptures of Mothers & Babies.  It is an oil-pinted background with a sculpted porcelain figure.  Any person or mother can be done in this way- any face, any outfit etc.  12 x 18".
Above: "Connections"   oil on canvas
   Above:  Universal Love oil on canvas.  This is very much like the Universal Love board, but there is no clay or sculpting involved.  
"Blanket" series, Mother & Baby  "Moon Baby"   18" x 24"
 Clay, glue, wood, paint, glaze, lusters Made in USA
  woman in her Oscars outfit portrait with mosaic background 10" x 16"
  Memories board
  Universal Love - the baby grows.  This can be a companion piece to "Mother Love as a force in the Universe" (above)
Joy-  oil on canvas
  Reaching   Oil on canvas
 In the Vortex  
   "Burst!"   Oil on canvas
  Your interpretation here    Oil on canvas
 Board portrait samples
        to give an idea
 of what can be ordered
  the "Egyptian" board embodies the beauty of the women of ancient Egypt.  It also gave me the opportunity to use lots of 23 carat gold and lusters- my favorite thing to do.
  It's often a question of who actually does the work.  As shown in the above pictures, Kitty (l) and Thor (r) compliment each other.  In this case, kitty assembles the pieces for the Mother Love board pieces, and Thor adjusts and corrects any errors.  Could I work without this help?  NO

 This lovely lady graced the half time break at an NFL football game.