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Medieval: Knights,Ladies, Kings, Queens & small folk
Henry VIII & Catherine of Aragon (1)
   George & Dragon Vase   12" H
    Knight & Dragon Vase
Yes- I know that Roman cavalry is not Medieval.  Marcus is here simply to show armour.
Re-inactor as Medieval Horsewoman
 This is the Summer workplace. Catherine of Aragon is in two stages- the completed figure and the figure in clay.  The reference book is on the table.  Paints, clay pots, water etc. is on the work table.
Henry VIII with Anne Boleyn and baby Elizabeth I.  This was an 8-10" portrait sculpture. 
  A "Board Piece" like the one (approx 12" x 20") of Joan of Arc above can be made of anyone....any historical person or any Renaissance whatever costume or armour (see the Dragon board below).  The background board an be painted, tiled, workd with designs or mosaics etc.
 Any person can be anchored to a Bowl (5" H w/figure & bowl-5"W). Any theme or color can be used.  In this Avalon Bowl, there is a Dragon carved into the bowl; she is wearing Druid blue snakes on her arm.
one-megapizel photos of the  scottish figures.  The throne is the one that the original Wallace should have sat on.
Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn on their Thrones.
 These figures are about 8" H.
  Shakespeare surrounded by Romeo & Juliet Bust

    Indian wedding couple figurines.  These are real people.
 Clay, glue, wood, paint, glaze, lusters  Made in USA
    Henry VIII  &  Wives  8"  porcelain figurine set
  young Elizabeth I
 Dolls  1976-2009
 Married couple as Celts
two Renaissance Re-inactors
Anne of Cleves & reference picture
 Re-inactor as Medieval warrior
  Elizabeth  I
 Renaissance Re-inactor
 Renaissance re-inactor
​ Mary (bloody) Tudor
 Renaissance re-inactor
These are real people portraying a fair lady and her knight on a board piece.  The background is an oil painting.  She is porcelain.
 An exotic beauty from the East.
  Medieval re-inactor.  Her family shields are on the base
  Indian medieval horseman or baratt horse?  Lots of gold here

    Any historical personage can be made.  You can be made and dressed in a medieval costume of choice.  You do not actually have to own the outfit.  I copy your likeness and the chosen outfit.  You can be peasant or King or anything in between.  You might say that the figurine is of a 1400-1500 person who, coincidentally looks a lot like you.
   The clay figure of Jane Seymour sits beside the reference picture used.