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Historical BowlsVases

  Tsarina Alexandra & Tsar Nicholas Romanov...the last in Russia
   Re-inactor as Roman 
      cavalry soldier
Marie Antoinette of France
         Egyptian Vase
Napoleon Bonaparte, Princess Diana & William, Queen Victoria & Edward
Re-inactor as Revolutionary War cavalry
George & Dragon Vase
 Po trait board piece.  The two persons are real people who represent, here a Medieval Knight and his Lady.   Board piece
 Catherine the Great of Russia
   Beloved author & actors
  actor in his Scots kilts
 Two twentieth  century  womenwho wanted to be Victorian ladies 
  Queen Victoria
  Indian wedding figures
 King Henry VIII
 young Elizabeth   I
  Elizabeth  I
  Henry VIII,  Anne Boleyn        &  Elizabeth 
  Indian on Baraat horse
   Henry VIII  &  six wives  8"  porcelain portrait figurines
   Bust:  Shakespeare,  Romeo & Juliet
  This young lady wanted to be a Celt horsewoman
  Roger:  Medieval re-inactor  &  jester re-inactor
  Elizabeth  I
  Martha Washington
  Mary Lincoln
  the FIRST LADIES    8: porcelain portrait figurines done in "primitive" style
 Joan  of  Arc  board
  My parents dressed in Medieval Irish style
  Medieval English re-inactor
  5" diam. porcelain bowl: Celt
 the Pierces  (President) busts
  Re-inactor as Celt warrior
  Caroline Harrison