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Kitty, a former stray, is  being his usual   helpful self.  A friendly puss, he is greeting the horse..

 Sculpted portraits of any
 Baby in any outfit...Babies
 and Mothers/Fathers/Siblings
   the Bride in her bride dress, shoes, accessories...sizes 8" to
14"...the Bridal party in their  finery...flower girl etc. -Copied from photos that you supply.
 Medieval rein-actors in their gowns, armour...any Medieval or Elizabethan historical person can be sculpted.
 Civil War, Revolutionary War re-in-actors sculpted...
Infantry or Cavalry mounted
....any historical person
can be sculpted.

 Scenes on boards,painted and sculpted porcelain ...historical,imaginary- almost anything. Paintings too.
Paper dolls Booklets
​  These are one-of-a kind, sculpted porcelain art works.  
    Any man, woman, child, baby or pet can be made in figurine form, on a bowl, on a horse, as part of a board piece, painted on wood or as part of an illustrated story. This made by he hand of man it is art (through the artist's eyes and hands, no machine or computers). Unlike resin, the porcelain, if it is not broken, can be dug up 2,000 years from today and be in almost pristine condition.

    You send me the required reference photos (see commissions-orders page), and I make the person or pet or person(s) & pet(s) together as a sculpted figure, holding a one-of-a-kind bowl or on a board piece. Go to the "Commissions -Ordering" page for more information on the process.

    The pages here are full of examples of pieces to inspire what you want.  You tell me what you want (colors used, hairdo, clothing, symbols, toys, crests etc. etc.).  I accommodate your wishes to what can be done on a given piece.  

​ Claywork and pets are my joy. A percentage of your purchase price will go to shelters in N.E. Pennsylvania (details on price on inside page).

Samples, Works, and Ideas
  Clay, glue, wood, paint, glaze, lusters, Made in USA
  Using your reference photos, a person or pet can be sculpted onto a 5" diameter bowl.  These are great ways to "mark" a special occasion
 Pet figurines, Pet bowls, Pets with people
 Anyone can be on a horse- any period
   RIDE the DRAGON         any  man, woman, child, children
                                                            baby or pet(s) can be sculpted onto the dragon
Father & son in medieval costume on green dragon
RIDE the UNICORN        anyone can ride the Unicorn
  Two sisters, in medieval costumes, ride the Unicorn
       Commissions - how to order- pictures needed
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